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What is Götter? Welcome to the homepage of Northern Ireland's premiere science fiction fanzine (well, to be honest, Northern Ireland's only science fiction fanzine).

We have been publishing Götterdämmerung since 1992 but due to problems with printing and distribution (i.e. a total lack of money) not many people have had the opportunity to read it. Hopefully having an online version will solve that problem. We'd be interested in hearing your comments: See below for a link to our guest book.

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If you come to Götter looking for science fiction, or discussions on sf fandom, you'll probably be disappointed. It's more a collection of articles and stories about the lives of its various contributors, some of whom just happen to be fans. (Yeah, it's just like every other fanzine out there...)

If you would like to contribute something towards a future edition (including art work) please feel free to drop us an email.

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