Images from MECON

The Annual Science Fiction convention of
The Queen's University of Belfast

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Mecon is the new annual sf convention for Belfast, held this year at the Queen's University of Belfast's Senior Common Room on the weekend of 18th to 19th of April 1998.

Guests included: James White (Guest of Honour), Ian McDonald, Peter Morwood, Diane Duane, David Wingrove and Katherine Kurtz.

Two members of the editorial committee of Continuity Götterdämmerung, (Tommy Ferguson and Eugene Doherty) armed with the latest in Canon digital cameras, were at the event and have posted some images.

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Eugene Doherty
(poor man's Cartier Bresson)

Politics & sf
Politics & SF panel
(l to r) Aidan Rogers, Ian McDonald, David Wingrove, Peter Morwood & Katherine Kurtz.

James White
Guest of Honour, James White
Guest of Dishonour, Tommy Ferguson
Time Travel panel
Time Travel panel
Eamon Watters, Peter Morwood &
Ian McDonald
Mecon Committee
Most of the Mecon Committee (?)
Empty room
The 'Getting Laid at a Con' discussion
Father Dougal keeps an eye
out for corner flags.1

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