More Images from MECON

The Annual Science Fiction convention of
The Queen's University of Belfast

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b_aiden.gif (7335 bytes)
Aiden -
too sad for a silly caption

.b_chimps.gif (11616 bytes)
Chimps' tea party at
Belfast's Empire Bar.
Bearded Eugene in his natural habitat.

.b_fatpeter.gif (10107 bytes)
Fat Peter tries to steal James' dinner
while Judy, sorry, Diane mugs for the camera..
.b_five.gif (16570 bytes)
Five times a night and still going strong -
James White grooving on down
Kurtz... Calling PBR Streetgang?
.b_bird.gif (12322 bytes)
Graham Joyce & Bird...
and scary mysterious bloke
b_trough.gif (9724 bytes)
The GOHs at the trough
b_judy.gif (11082 bytes)
The Richard & Judy of fandom
.b_torment.gif (14528 bytes)
How long can the torment
last, oh lord?
.b_sweet.gif (9086 bytes)
The winning quiz team
sweet jesus
b_hamster.gif (12340 bytes)
(No, Eugene, I'm not inserting the hamster joke)

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